Ethics and Sustainability

Our design mission is to make affordable, good looking pieces. We source the best looking and most sustainable fabrics possible to bring those designs to life quickly, that don't come at a huge cost to you or the planet.

When selecting fabrics, we take into consideration water input, energy input, land use, eco-toxicity, greenhouse gas emissions, human toxicity, availability and price.

We aim to make 75% of our products with natural fibers (renewable, plant-based and have potential for circularity) or almost all natural fibers.

We are not perfect, but we put sustainability into the core of everything we do.


Here are a few ways we try to be sustainable:

No Mass Production

We don't mass produce.  All of our products are produced in extremely limited production runs.  


On average, e-commerce uses about 30% less energy than traditional retail.

Sustainable purchasing

We are committed to achieving fair, safe and healthy working conditions throughout our supply chain.  Our factory conditions are of high standards and are continuously monitored - as is the happiness and wellbeing of the team.  All of the workers are paid fairly according to their skill level and role.  We seek to partner with factories who share a common vision.   


To keep our supply chain as sustainable as possible, we make sure our fabric suppliers share our sustainability vision and we strive to only use natural fibers.


We are working towards our packaging being plastic free! Our garment bags are made from 100% linen and are 100% reusable.   We are currently using standard mailers and protection bags as we are yet to find a perfect solution that doesn't increase shipping costs and is totally durable and waterproof. But we want it to be better. If anybody wants to work with us to develop even more magical packaging solutions, let’s chat.